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Buying or selling your home can be a very difficult and intimidating process. I have dedicated myself and by business to helping people just like you overcome these hurdles. I specialize in navigating challenging escrows, and negotiating contracts, getting you the best deal every time.


Did you know the true value of your home is best determined by physically observing the home and the surrounding properties, as well as viewing the most recent comparable sales in the area?  Quantitative facts and figures can give a rough starting figure, but it’s the features you can not measure that play a large role in determining value. For example; curb appeal, quality of construction, floor plan, ceiling height, functionality, and style of the home, are just some of the factors that play a significant role in determining value. Read more about finding the price of your home below.

How to Prepare Your Home

Prepping your home for sale is one of the best ways to maximize its value. I can help connect you to my reliable network to complete any repair. I will be your guide to to help you declutter, and stage your home on a budget that works for you.

Buying A Home

Buying a home can be one of the best investments of your life, or one of the worst. Getting the right house that will benefit you for years is going to take research, and plenty of work to complete. That is why I specialize in helping my clients jump all of the hurdles so that they can finally buy their perfect home.


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